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Why Is the In-App Messenger Icon Not Visible in My Zendrop Account?
Why Is the In-App Messenger Icon Not Visible in My Zendrop Account?

Why is the chat bubble missing from my Zendrop account?

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When you log into your Zendrop account, you should see the in-app messenger (chat widget) in the bottom right corner of your account.

If it's not visible, here are a few common reasons and solutions:

Minimized Screen

  1. Try scrolling to the bottom-right of your screen:

    1. If your browser window is minimized or scaled, the chat widget might be hidden.

  2. Expand your browser window:

    • Windows:

      • Maximize: Click the "Maximize" button in the top-right corner or press Windows Key + Up Arrow.

      • Full Screen: Press F11 to toggle the full screen.

    • macOS:

      • Maximize: Click the green "Full Screen" button in the top-left corner or hold the Option key while clicking the green button.

      • Full Screen: Press Control + Command + F to toggle the full screen.

    • Linux:

      • Maximize: Click the "Maximize" button in the top corner or use Alt + F10.

      • Full Screen: Press F11 to toggle the full screen.

Ad Blockers or Browser Extensions

  • Check if ad blockers are causing the issue:

    • Temporary disable by clicking the ad blocker icon and choosing to pause or disable it on the current site.

    • Add Zendrop to the whitelist in your ad blocker settings.

  • Manage other browser extensions:

    • Temporarily disable all extensions and re-enable them individually to find the problematic one.

    • From the extensions page, disable or remove the ones causing issues.

Clear Cache and Cookies

  • Go to your browser’s settings and clear browsing data, including cache and cookies.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When clearing cookies and cache, please note that all usernames and passwords that have been saved to the browser could potentially be deleted. This means you will may have to log into those accounts again by manually entering in usernames and passwords.

Update Browser and Extensions

  • Ensure your browser and all installed extensions are up-to-date.

Use Incognito/Private Mode

  • Open a new incognito or private browsing window to check if the issue persists.

If you continue having problems, please email us at [email protected] and include a short animation of what happens when you access the site in private mode.

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