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Module 6: Important Shopify Settings
Module 6: Important Shopify Settings

What settings in Shopify do you need to worry about for Zendrop?

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When it comes to Shopify, you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed trying to understand what settings you actually need to care about. No worries at all, we're here to help guide you, and get you set up in as little time as possible.

All of the main pages are going to be ignored here as they are pretty self explanatory, and you should have a basic of understanding of how to navigate your Shopify account, and analyze your order data. This module is specifically covering the settings that you will need to focus on to ensure your orders are accepted by Zendrop.

We're going to assume that at this point, you already have Zendrop connected to your Shopify store, a product or even several products imported, and a basic store put together. This is going to be a long one, so strap in, and enjoy the ride!

Store Details

Just a few things to note here - your store name is very important. It needs to be catchy, inviting, and fit the theme of your product offering. For the store phone and email, understand that this is public. What this means is, you can of course choose to not display it on your store, but it will be public on Shopify which means you're at risk of getting spam calls and emails. It's advised that you don't use your personal information here, instead use contact information created specifically for your store.

Users and Permissions

This is where you will add people to your Shopify account to help manage your business. This could be friends, family, someone you trust (or multiple people you trust) - even Zendrop staff if you agree it would be better if they access your account to help resolve an issue. You're basically creating an additional user account with custom permissions.


Very important one here as this is how you actually accept payments from your customers and get paid for your hard work! If you don't activate at least one payment method, your customers will not be able to purchase from you. The easiest and most common payment method is Shopify Payments.

You will see Cash on Delivery (COD) on this page, but Zendrop does not support COD in any capacity. Do not accept COD through Zendrop.


This page is very important, so make sure you go through all of the options. Below will be some of the most important options to look out for:

  1. Checkout Style

    1. Definitely upload your store logo to look more legit.

  2. Customer Information

    1. Full Name

      1. We recommend "Require first and last name".

    2. Shipping Address Phone Number

      1. We recommend this be required as carriers need this for successful deliveries.

Shipping and Delivery

This is one of the most important areas of the settings to ensure that orders you get, and are passed over to Zendrop, are able to be fulfilled and shipped out properly. We recommend that you start from scratch here and delete and default shipping zones that exist. Once you do that, your page should look like this:

Click on the "General shipping rates" button. Scroll down until you see the Shipping origins" section and click on the "Create zone" button.

What you do next here is completely up to you as you are fully in control of how you want to price your shipping. It's important to understand that all shipping is done by Zendrop, we already have the pricing, this is simply a way for you to choose where you want to sell, and how much you want to get paid for shipping. As an example, let's name this zone "FREE SHIPPING", and choose all of United States.

Next, we have to add rates. Click the "Add rate" button.

Let's call this rate "FREE SHIPPING" and make sure the cost is set to $0.00.

Congratulations! You now have a shipping zone that is targeting the United States with a FREE SHIPPING rate. Only people from the US will be able to check out, but shipping will be completely free. This means that you will need to include Zendrop's product + shipping cost in your customer facing pricing and make sure you have a profit margin.

You can also market free shipping with a nice banner, include this in your ad creatives, etc. There's many ways you can handle shipping zones and rates, but this is the easiest and one of the most popular. If you want to ship worldwide, you'd need to include international in your zone.

Taxes and Duties

This is another important section, but Zendrop is not able to give advice on how to handle this as everything adjusted here is not a one size fits all situation - this will be different for everyone. All of the options here will be based on where you you live, where you're shipping to, etc. As a business owner, it's your responsibility to ensure this is handled properly. We highly recommend that you reach out to a tax professional if you're unsure of how you should set things up here.


You want to take the time to customize your notification branding. We recommend you keep all of the options at default, but click the "Customize email templates" button to add your store logo and change the accent color to fit the color style of your website. This will make your shipping emails and tracking number emails look way more legit!


Policies are important as it builds trust with your potential customers. Shopify has a simple button click template that will create policies for you. You will still need to go through the generated policies to change the email, store name, and some other things. Some of the policies though, you will need to read the following and adjust it however you want to fit your language, but you don't want to offer something Zendrop doesn't:

  • Return Policy

  • Shipping Policy

    • Click here for a list of average per country shipping times.

    • Click here for more information on potential processing delays.

    • 1 to 3 day processing, 2 days on average.

    • 10 to 15 day estimated shipping time, 12 day shipping on average.

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