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$1 Credit/Debit Card Pre-Authorization
$1 Credit/Debit Card Pre-Authorization

Why does Zendrop charge me $1 when I add a credit/debit card?

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When you add a card to Zendrop, a $1 pre-authorization charge will be triggered immediately to ensure the validity of the method of payment. This is a simple layer of security to help maintain a safe, secure and seamless payment process for all aspiring Zendrop entrepreneurs.

Pre-Authorization Process:

When you enter your card details into your Zendrop account, a temporary $1 hold will be placed on your card to verify its validity.

Success & Card Addition:

If the pre-authorization is successful, the card will be added to your account. The $1 hold is not an actual charge and will be automatically released, usually within a few minutes, depending on your bank's policies.

Failure & Error Message:

If the pre-authorization fails, an error message will be displayed, and you will be prompted to provide a valid card.


If the $1 hold is unsuccessful, the payment method form will be presented again. You can re-enter your card details or replace your default payment method.

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