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Multi-Unit Shipping Discount!
Multi-Unit Shipping Discount!

What is the Multi-Unit Shipping Discount?

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We are thrilled to offer a special discount for orders containing two or more units of the same product ID. This discount is automatically applied when you purchase multiple quantities of the same item, helping you save on shipping costs.

How Much is the Discount?

The multi-unit discount is applied based on the specific product type and the shipping destination country.

Note: This discount only applies to items sourced by the Zendrop Fulfillment supplier. (Zendrop has multiple suppliers.)

How to View Your Discount:

  1. Go to the Orders tab on Zendrop.

  2. Use the search box to find the order you would like to fulfill.

  3. Click on the "Fulfill Order" option on the right side of the order.

  4. You will see the exact discount amount before manually fulfilling your order.

Take advantage of this fantastic offer to save on shipping costs and streamline your order fulfillment process!

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