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Taxes & Fees + VAT Info
Taxes & Fees + VAT Info

Some information regarding taxes and fees when dropshipping.

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General Taxes & Fees

The price you see on the "Orders" page when fulfilling orders (product cost + shipping cost) is the price you'll pay Zendrop - nothing more, nothing less. You, as a business owner, are liable for paying any taxes or fees associated with your sales as you're collecting revenue from your customers. You can download all of your invoices inside your account via the 'Billing' page.

If you want or need to understand state and country specific tax laws, it is highly recommended that you seek guidance from a tax professional. Laws regarding taxes and fees differ by location, and that's why it's recommended that you consult a professional for accurate information.

As much as the Zendrop team would love nothing more than to help answer your tax related questions, they cannot offer advice on this topic as they are not properly equipped to answer questions that are suited for a financial advisor or tax professional.

Here's a fantastic blog post that covers sales tax in much more detail:

Regarding VAT

Zendrop is not involved in the VAT process in any capacity. This means that users are fully responsible for collecting and remitting VAT to their local government if and when applicable. However, customers will have their orders shipped and delivered to their doorstep without having to pay the VAT fee at any point.

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