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How to Fulfill Orders Received Outside of Zendrop
How to Fulfill Orders Received Outside of Zendrop

Instructions on how to manually create and fulfill orders.

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Zendrop integrates directly with Shopify and ClickFunnels. However, orders you're getting from elsewhere can still be fulfilled by Zendrop. For example, if you're selling Zendrop products on Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Amazon, etc -- and are hoping to fulfill those orders through Zendrop, I have some great news for you: YOU CAN! Let's go over exactly how that's possible.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Sample Order function requires you to be on the Pro plan and a connection with Shopify or ClickFunnels is required to fully unlock Zendrop.

Below, you'll find the steps you'll need to follow in order to do this on your end.

STEP 1: Click the Find Products page using the left hand navigation panel then click on the product card that you'd like to place a sample order for.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will need to search for the product that you're interested in sampling. Simply search for the product using the Search Products field.

STEP 2: Click on the Sample Order button.

STEP 3: A new window will pop up where you can choose the correct variant for the product, the quantity, and enter in all of the information that was placed via Facebook Marketplace or somewhere else. Click Confirm when you're ready to continue.

STEP 4: Head over to the Orders page to fulfill the order you just placed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For this final step, understand that if you don't already have a method of payment on file, clicking the Fulfill Order button will prompt you to add a method of payment in order to fulfill the order.

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