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Zendrop vs. AliExpress, Which Is Cheaper?
Zendrop vs. AliExpress, Which Is Cheaper?

A raw comparison of Zendrop and AliExpress.

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Sometimes, a product on Zendrop may appear to be slightly more expensive than AliExpress. This can indeed be the case, but in almost every scenario, AliExpress uses shady marketing tactics to make it seem like they're cheaper when in reality that's not case. What do we mean by this? Let us explain...

When you first look at the pricing on Zendrop, and compare that to the pricing you see on AliExpress, you may see that the pricing on Zendrop appears higher than the pricing on AliExpress, but why is that? First of all, when you go to search for a specific product on AliExpress, you'll be presented with dozens of the same product from multiple suppliers (see the example image below). It's nearly impossible to know which supplier is going to provide you with the best quality product, and even more impossible to determine what the shipping times are going to be like unless both are tested.

We have a team that quality checks all of our products before they're shipped out to ensure that everything is exactly the same quality each time with no damage or defects, and our shipping times have been consistent with the averages that we share with all of our users publicly.

With that being said, let's compare the price of a product on Zendrop with the price of a product on AliExpress. Take a look at the image below.

So we can quickly see that the price on Zendrop is higher compared to the price on AliExpress, but let's take a quick look at the shipping times for each.

Now, for one example, the Zendrop product cost for this particular product is $5.65, and the Regular Shipping (10 - 15 days) cost is a flat rate of $2.00 which equates to $7.65. For AliExpress, even at the lowest cost of $1.99 for the product cost, and a similar shipping time ($27.15), the total equates to $29.14. That's a massive difference in overall cost, and this is hidden by AliExpress within the additional shipping times that you can select prior to purchasing from them.

With all of that being said, Zendrop is almost always going to be the cheaper solution overall with more quality products, and better / more reliable shipping times.

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