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Zendrop SKU Inventory Stuck at 0 in My Shopify Store
Zendrop SKU Inventory Stuck at 0 in My Shopify Store

How to resolve not being able to edit the Zendrop inventory issue

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There might be scenarios on your Shopify store where the products added from Zendrop are showing to have 0 inventory. This can affect one or a few variants or the entire SKU in general.

To solve this please use the steps below:

  • Identify the product/variant for which you are facing this issue.

  • In your Shopify Admin head over to Products > Find the product you where this issue is happening > Open product

  • Scroll down until you see the variants with the 0 Available inventory and click Edit

  • On the next screen scroll down to the Inventory Section. Change the Inventory will be stocked at field to anything other than Zendrop.

  • Click Save.

  • Once “Inventory will be stocked at” field is changed, click on the blue zero under the Available heading.

  • Change this to 50,000 and press save.

  • Change the “Inventory will be stocked at” field back to Zendrop and press save. You’re all set and the problem is now resolved!

Why do we have to take this approach:

Shopify allows third-party apps to manage inventories of the products. If inventory is being managed by a third party, it does not allow a user to go in and update the inventory. In this scenario, Shopify considers Zendrop as a similar app and does not allow changing the inventory.

Therefore changing the fulfillment location to a different region (usually your address) allows us to make this change.

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