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Requesting a Product Quote
Requesting a Product Quote

How to request product quotes.

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Before Requesting a Product Quote

There are over 500,000 different products in Zendrop's catalog so it's very rare that we don't already have a product you're looking for -- but that's not to say it doesn't happen from time to time.

If you can't find the product you're looking for, you can import a product from AliExpress simply by copying and pasting a link! Pretty awesome, right? It gets even better...

Important Note: The AliExpress Import tool is a way to add a product to your store using the information from the AliExpress listing, it's not a quote. Please also understand that we do not work with any AliExpress sellers. Zendrop Fulfillment will source this product straight from the factory once it’s quoted.

When you import a product, our sophisticated (and extremely hard working) Zenbots will scrape all of our existing product listings until they find one or several matching what you're attempting to import. All you need to do then is choose which listing to add to your import list, easy peasy.

Alas, our Zenbot army can't turn nothing into something so if the product you're looking for isn't already in our catalog then the new product will be added to your Import List where you can make changes to the product name, the description, choose which variants you want to include, which images you want to keep, etc -- all before ever adding it to your store.

Requesting a Product Quote

Okay, so... you found a product that wasn't in our catalog and added it to your store. What happens next? Well, you have to get a sale on the new product before being able to request a proper quote. Let me explain why that's a requirement as simplistically as possible.

We have thousands of people signing up for Zendrop and requesting quotes daily. Before having our amazing team in China provide quotes for every single product added to our catalog, we just need to make sure the products are going to get sales.

Important Note: How to price an unquoted product is a common question we're asked. Our pricing will be extremely competitive so the best way to handle this is to base your price off of the AliExpress price but go through the full checkout process since the price you see on the top level is extremely misleading and you'll also notice that the shipping times are very long.

Once you get your first sale, your order will show up in Zendrop, and this is where you can request a quote via the Orders page by clicking the Request a Quote button. This process typically only takes around 24 to 48 hours but can sometimes take longer depending on the queue.

After Requesting a Product Quote

That's all there is to to it! You now know how to import products from AliExpress, request quotes, and have also learned a little bit more about what goes into the quoting process.

Product Quote Limitations

There is a limit of 5 quotes you can request per week to ensure that all of our users are able to get quotes back in a timely manner - this is non-negotiable to maintain a fair environment. Once orders start rolling in to your account, the limit will eventually be lifted.

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