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Linking Products
Linking Products

How to link products.

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After you connect your Shopify store to your Zendrop account, your unfulfilled orders will automatically pull into the "Orders" page on Zendrop. These unfulfilled orders will not be linked to Zendrop products though so you will need to link them manually.

In order to do this, head over to the "Orders" page in Zendrop, find one of the "Unfulfilled" orders pulled into Zendrop from Shopify, and click the "Link Product" button. Zendrop will automatically pull up products that closely match the product you're attempting to link. Select the correct variant from the list then click the "Link Product" button. If there are other variants that need to be linked, Zendrop will automatically detect this, and request that you link those variants as well on the next page. Link the correct variants then click the "Confirm" button.

If you're unable to find a product to link to then you can request a quote. This process takes a few days to complete, but you will be emailed with the quote as soon as it's complete. We have hundreds of thousands of products in our catalog though so it's very likely we have the product you're looking for -- try changing up some keywords if the product isn't automatically showing.

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