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How Does the AliExpress Import Feature Work?
How Does the AliExpress Import Feature Work?

Everything you need to know about the AliExpress import tool.

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Although Zendrop has thousands of amazing products ready for you to start selling right away, you still may not find that very specific product you've had your eye on. You're in luck! With Zendrop's built-in sourcing tool, you're able to import a product from AliExpress, and start selling it instantly!

Here's how the Zendrop product sourcing tool works:

  1. Navigate to the Find Products page.

  2. Enter a product keyword into the Search Product field, then hit the Enter key on your keyboard.

  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click the Import From AliExpress button.

  4. Paste the AliExpress product URL into the AliExpress Link field, then click the Import button.

  5. Navigate to the Import List page, make any needed changes, then click the Import to Store button.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR STEP 2: You have to type something into the search field then hit the enter key in order to see the Import From AliExpress at the bottom of the page. If you do not enter something into the search field, and hit the enter key, the Import From AliExpress button will not be visible.

That's all there is to it! The product will be sent over to your store store nearly instantaneously, and you'll be able to start selling this product right away. Keep in mind that our fulfillment team will provide you with a quote via email within roughly 24 hours, but that quote won't be provided until you've made your first sale. This means that you will have to come up with the price for the product that your customer will pay prior to receiving the quote. Once you've received your first sale and received the quote from our fulfillment team, you will then need to confirm the pricing from the quote and fulfill the order. You'll only need to do this once. We suggest that you base the pricing of your product listing off of the AliExpress price. Please bear in mind, that the pricing on AliExpress is often understated and misleading. We suggest going through the actual check-out process and select a shipping method that you would be happy with, and use that price to price the product on your Shopify store accurately.

Often times this doubles or triples the first price you see on an AliExpress listing. Zendrop's pricing will always be competitive based on realistic shipping methods, and won't bait and switch you with a cheap price first only until you find out that takes 75+ days to ship. Check out this short video that our team made on the main differences between pricing listed on Zendrop and AliExpress:

Additionally, keep in mind that we don't actually source any of products from the AliExpress suppliers. Instead, we simply use the data from AliExpress to allow you to instantly start selling, and relay the information over to our reliable fulfillment options. Again, the pricing will always be similar to that of the AliExpress after selecting a reasonable shipping method, so you can use that pricing to price the product on your store accordingly.

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