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High Risk Orders

What are high risk orders and how should they be handled?

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Zendrop integrates directly with your Shopify account which opens up a lot of opportunities for incredible features. For example, Shopify has fraud analysis which helps you identify orders that could be fraudulent. Fulfilling orders like this could result in a chargeback that can disrupt your payment processing. We've included this feature in Zendrop to help you avoid potentially fraudulent orders like this, and ensure you're more protected than ever! Let's see what that looks like.

The "Orders" page will include a warning icon if there are any orders that are potentially fraudulent. Hovering over this icon will display a message that indicates the order has a high risk of fraud.

When you click on the "Fulfill Order" button, you will be presented with another warning at the top of the page indicating that there's a high risk of fraud detected. You can of course fulfill these orders, but it will be at your own risk. If you have auto-fulfillment or daily-fulfillment turned on, high risk orders by default will not be fulfilled. You'd have to fulfill them manually if you wish to fulfill them. This feature is in place to ensure that you're aware of the risk.

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