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How Can I Fulfill a Part of My Order With Zendrop?
How Can I Fulfill a Part of My Order With Zendrop?

Using Zendrop to partially fulfill an order.

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With millions of products in the catalog to choose from, there might be instances where you would not want to fulfill an entire order from Zendrop. Worry not as Zendrop supports fulfilling a part of the order from us without any issues. It also makes sure that the system remembers to not fulfill that product in the future.

Let’s say you received the following order:

In this order, one of the products is recognized + linked to Zendrop, and the other is a non-Zendrop product. How would we process this in the Zendrop Dashboard?

  • Please head over to the Zendrop Dashboard and click on Orders.

  • You will see a small alert icon right next to the order. Hovering over it shows:

  • Click on the order row to expand the order and click Don’t Link This Product. This will prompt Zendrop to not Link this product in the future.

    For the rest of the order, you can proceed to click Fulfill Order and you are good to go! Got more questions? Feel free to reach out to us on our 24/7 in-app live support for assistance! We're always more than happy to help.

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