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Why Do Some Countries Require a Personal ID?
Why Do Some Countries Require a Personal ID?

Personal ID requirements, countries that require it, and more!

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Zendrop can ship internationally! However, please keep in mind that some countries have specific shipping requirements for various reasons. As a store owner, it's important to research these laws before accepting orders from these countries.

Reasons for Requiring Personal ID:

  1. To verify the identity of the recipient and prevent fraud.

  2. To ensure proper customs processing and tax collection.

  3. To comply with local regulations regarding import and export.

Instructions for Shopify Users

Ensure customers enter their personal ID in the "Additional Information" field on the payment page during checkout. This information will sync with your Zendrop order. If the field doesn't sync, Zendrop will email you for the details. Promptly provide the requested information to avoid delays.

Countries Requiring Personal IDs

  • Brazil: CPF for individuals, CNPJ for businesses.

  • Italy: Codice fiscale (tax code).

  • Spain: Número de Identificación Fiscal (NIF).

  • China: National ID number.

  • Russia: Passport number or tax identification number.

  • South Korea: Personal Customs Clearance Code (PCCC).

  • Turkey: Turkish Identification Number (T.C. Kimlik No.).

For any questions or further assistance, please contact our Customer Success team by submitting a request through the in-app messenger!

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