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What is Zendrop Academy?
What is Zendrop Academy?

Everything you need to know about Zendrop Academy.

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When you are subscribed to Zendrop's Plus plan, you have access to a powerful area within your Zendrop account called Zendrop Academy. Quite literally, this is a blueprint to running a successful dropshipping business. Zendrop Academy is loaded with information that is generally only available after paying a steep price, but it's available to you at no additional charge. Some of the things you can expect include:

  • How to properly set up a Facebook page.

  • How to understand Facebook ad campaigns.

  • Facebook algorithm information.

  • How to set up a one product store.

  • Scaling strategies.

  • Testing methods.

  • So much more!

To access Zendrop Academy, click "Zendrop Academy" under "Extras".

IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep in mind that the Zendrop Academy does not require any additional fees to access, but it does require that you be subscribed to our Plus plan. If you downgrade from the Plus plan to the Starter plan, you will no longer be able to access Zendrop Academy until you upgrade again.

On top of Zendrop Academy containing a large amount of powerful information for you to review, it also includes videos featuring recognizable speakers in the dropshipping space like Preston Edwards, Jake Tenenbaum, and more! You definitely don't want to miss out on this.

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