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Refunds, Replacements, Returns
Refunds, Replacements, Returns

An article that covers everything about Zendrop's refund, replacement, and return policies.

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You may be wondering what exactly the process is for requesting a refund or returning/exchanging a product from Zendrop. This is useful information for yourself as well as for your customers. We want your order fulfillment process to be as smooth as possible so we've covered everything you need to know about refunding, returning, and exchanging products below.


Zendrop will issue a refund for the most recent subscription charge if:

  1. The refund request is made within 5 days of the charge.

  2. You have not used any order credits to fulfill orders.

Order Credits

For a detailed breakdown of order credits, click here.

  1. Order credits received via promotions are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

  2. Order credit top-ups are refundable on a case by case basis.

    1. Only amounts that are unused will be considered.

    2. Refunds will be issued back to the original payment method only.

Shipped Orders

- Returns:

For orders made through Zendrop Fulfillment, we don’t require anyone to return anything. Shipping an item back to the warehouse in China is very expensive so it doesn’t make sense to do that. We’ll always issue you a refund for any orders that you refund your customers for so long as it's within 30 days of delivery and there is proof of refund.

A recommendation we like to make is potentially having returns being sent to an address of your choosing so you can resell the products your customers don't want how you see fit.

- Refunds:

For shipped orders, Zendrop will issue a refund if you have also issued a refund to your customer, there is proof of refund, and it is within 30 days of the order being delivered.

Sample orders are not eligible for a refund.

- Replacements:

If a product is delivered damaged or defective, you must send us a high-quality image or video of the damage or defect in order for a replacement to be issued. If your order has been in transit longer than 5 days outside of the estimated delivery window of the country the order is being shipped to, we will issue a replacement order to be shipped.

Processing time (the amount of time it takes to issue a tracking code and ship the order) is separate from shipping time.

Lost or Stolen Packages

For lost in transit or stolen packages, there's two options available to you. We can either refund you for the entire order (if you have already refunded your customer) OR we will ship out a single replacement per order, free of charge -- it's completely up to you.

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