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What Are Zendrop Order Credits?
What Are Zendrop Order Credits?

Everything you need to know about Zendrop order credits.

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Zendrop order credits are a virtual currency that are used to pay for unfulfilled orders within your Zendrop account.

Getting Zendrop Order Credits

Order credits are included as a bonus in Zendrop's subscription to the Plus plan (as well as other promos and offers). Upon upgrading to the Plus plan, the order credit amount is automatically applied to your account via the Billing page. Additionally, you have the option to top-up your order credit using payment methods such as PayPal, PIX, Boleto balance, or credit card.

How to Top-Up Zendrop Order Credits:

  • Click on the drop-down arrow in the top right of your account.

  • Click the "Billing" button.

  • Scroll down to the Credit section.

  • Click on the “Top Up" button.

  • Choose your preferred payment type for the credit top-up.

Usage of Zendrop Order Credits:

  • Order credits can be used for fulfilling orders in Zendrop via the "Orders" page.

  • You can utilize your order credits whenever you're ready because they never expire.

  • The $100 order credit mentioned in the onboarding steps will be automatically applied to your Zendrop account once your credit card has been successfully charged for the plan.

  • Order credits cannot be used to fulfill sample orders.

    • You can learn more about sample orders here.

  • Order credits cannot be used towards subscription charges.

    • A valid credit or debit card is required for subscription payments.

  • Only the manually topped-up order credits can be refunded.

    • Order credits received via promotions are non-refundable.

    • The refund amount will be credited back to the original payment method.

How to View Order Credits Balance

  • Click on the drop-down arrow in the top right side of your account.

  • Click on the "Billing" button.

  • Scroll down to the "Credit" section.

How to Apply Zendrop Order Credits to an Order:

If automated fulfillment is enabled, the platform will automatically use your order credit balance before charging your credit card for orders. You can learn more about automated fulfillment by clicking here. For manual order fulfillment, follow the steps described in this video linked below. If you have questions about order credits or need to transfer your manually topped-up order credit balance to a different Zendrop account, reach out to the Customer Success team by submitting a request through the in-app messenger!

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