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Enabling Dark Mode
Enabling Dark Mode

How to enable dark mode.

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At this point, you may be very used to Dark Mode being introduced to a large amount of different apps, interfaces, and more. The team here at Zendrop thought this it was time we added a Dark Mode option as well. Getting Dark Mode enabled is a breeze, so if it's something you're interested in, keep reading!

Dark Mode simply changes the way your account looks by transforming the pages to a darker color scheme, also making everything a bit easier on the eyes. The purpose of this feature is to add variety to the way you see your account, and isn't something you need to worry about if you're fine with the default way of viewing your Zendrop. To turn Dark Mode on, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Zendrop account.

  2. Click the Profile dropdown (your personal name or business name) in the upper right hand corner

  3. Click the Dark toggle to enable it.

It's that simple! The only thing you have left to do is enjoy the new look and feel of your account.

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