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Module 2: Creating Your Zendrop Account
Module 2: Creating Your Zendrop Account

Let's get your account created the right way.

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Before getting started here, it's important to understand that there's actually two different ways you can create a Zendrop account, and it affects how you're billed.

Shopify App Store

After creating your Shopify store, you can add Zendrop from the Shopify App Store. Doing this will bill you for Zendrop through Shopify rather than Stripe. If you upgrade to a paid plan at any point, the Zendrop app charge will be included alongside any other apps you're paying for through Shopify. Billing related issues will be a bit slower to process and we will not be able to manually apply discount codes.

Zendrop Website (Recommended)

Creating your account at will bill you through Stripe for subscriptions. We have full control of your billing this way and can even apply discount codes manually.

Creating Your Zendrop Account

Head over to and click the CREATE YOUR FREE ACCOUNT button.

Fill out all of the fields on this page including a valid phone number for order updates.

Congratulations! Your Zendrop account is now created. You have a few different options here for connecting a store which you'll eventually need to do:

  1. If you already have a store, you can plug in your store URL right away.

  2. You can start browsing our catalog right away and connect your store later.

  3. You can make use of the $1 a month for 3 months Shopify offer.

Either way, this concludes module 2. In the next module, we'll go over how to contact Zendrop's 24/7 support team using the in-app messenger.

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